It’s about time…hello!

Hello to the world! This morning I’m showing up for you, with all the feelings that brings. This morning, I’m ready to share my thoughts, my experiences, my learnings, and my talents with you, with the world. I’m launching my company, my identity, for good. Finally! It has been a journey. A journey that didn’t start today and is for sure not at its final destination. But nonetheless, quite of a milestone.

I’m opening up to the world today because my freedom is now real, as well as on paper. I’m opening up to you today because I want you to show up too. I have this courage, even though I am scared that you will not like me, that you will point what’s wrong, what’s missing, instead of pointing to the fact that I did it! I’m courageous because I want you to have courage, too. I’m showing you who I am, and I promise to share as much as I can, go as deep as I can into my personal process, so that you feel you can do it, too.

This journey started about eight or 10 years ago, when I decided I would become a coach as a present to myself for my 40th birthday. Wait, no. This journey started 38 years ago, when I entered the world that was designed for me and when I quickly destined myself to live a different life, one in which I would achieve more than what was written for me.

my identity was born in a “aha” moment, when the word “identity” resonated so much in me. It was the missing piece of the puzzle in my personal and my work life. It came when I acknowledged that I was different as a person and, even better, that it was ok. My moment came at the same time as I understood that my work team identity was what I was missing so much in my corporate position, for my work community, for me and my friends in the office.

Why coaching for highly sensitive people?

“Of course, it’s because you are too sensitive!”

“Come on, let it go, you are taking things too emotionally/personally”

“Well, I can’t agree because you are saying that with too much emotion”

These remarks were sometimes coming from well-intentioned people. But other times, they were made to shut me down. I always knew I was highly sensitive from an early age. No actually, I knew I was different from an early age. I always had high creativity, keen observation skills, and a strong sense of empathy. I was always quick to notice when something wasn’t right, and I was a quick solution finder – a visionary, with strong intuition and a very busy thinking process. But also, I knew my inabilities. My inability to “let it go,” to detach myself from shaky events, to cope with unfairness and injustice, to play political games, to remain silent, not being able to keep my feelings to myself…

It turns out that until I fully understood what being highly sensitive meant, I couldn’t fully understand myself. I was just feeling different, weird, strange. I thought the problem was me. Understanding my trait made me understand and embrace my potential.

Today, I truly believe that being highly sensitive is a gift. This is why I want to help people who are cut from the same cloth, (roughly 20 percent of the population, equally composed of women and men, by the way) in the realization of their wildest dreams and the celebration of their true personalities.

I’ll even go further. I only want to help the ones who never use their trait as an excuse to say that the world is too harsh for them. I want to work with the high performers – those highly ambitious talents who, like me, think that their trait is a chance to make a difference for the world.

Why highly sensitive at work?

Even if I said goodbye to it, I’m still in love with the corporate world. I love the dynamics, the energy you only find in a work team, their successes, their failures. I vibrate when I see a team engaged, serene. I can observe how successful they are while being happy to wake up and contribute. I have lived that, and I had the best time ever. I also lived in a period when everything collapsed. When the individual and the teams disengage. I know how much it hurts when you lose your autonomy, when you are put to silence, when there is no vision. Basically, when nothing makes sense anymore.

Being a sharp observer, I took note of everything, all the details. I can feel almost instantly what works and what doesn’t. What is missing, what is overwhelming. This is one of the gifts my high sensitivity gives me. And this is where I know I can have the greatest impact: accompanying highly sensitive heroes who dream big in their work life. But also on organizations who need to rebuild highly performant teams with respect to everyone’s personality. This is where I can bring my magic – simply because I know that what is good for a highly sensitive hero, is a strong benefit for anyone’s engagement in a company.

I made it! I came up to the world and you are still here, reading my words. Nothing bad happened, I’m alive. More alive than I have ever been. I’m officially launching my business. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m living my dream. My dream to help other souls to live their own. And I have to remind myself: this is only Mile One in the journey, and the stroll is such a beautiful one.


If you want to stroll with me, get in touch.

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  1. Bravo Mélanie, je me reconnais depuis des années là dedans, je vais suivre tes pas sur instagram et ton site, ça m’intéresse fort vu mon parcours et expériences de Vie. merci pour tes mots et entre “Zèbres” ou “surefficiente mentals” ça fait du bien de se reconnaitre et se soutenir. Pleins Succès à toi et au plaisir de se revoir pour parler !

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