So, let me tell you..

I spent the first 20 years of my career in various prestigious multinational companies, working mainly as a specialist and manager in HR-related roles. I worked in relocation/immigration, internal coaching, employee services, and training. I then made the decision to become a Certified Coach (ICF) and founded in “my Identity,” a coaching, mentoring, and consulting company. I live in Lausanne, Switzerland with my life partner and our five-year-old daughter.

Well, you may have noticed that the above is what I have done (you know, what brings me “credibility!”) But, if you clicked this link, you probably want to know who I am, right?

Over the course of my career, I had many moments of joy and few pains, but above all, I had the amazing chance to define my mission: my identity. Which, I realized, was to guide and work alongside companies and individuals in their quest of becoming better leaders to the benefit of those who deserve it the most: their company, co-workers, team members, family and above all, themselves.

I have always been fascinated by corporate dynamics, how teams become engaged, and the (not always well-defined) leadership roles in companies. In my positions, I had the chance to witness the distinction between a leadership that works, inspires, and makes a difference in people’s lives, and the one that is distant and lacks self-reflection. The latter can destroy entire teams. The limit is thin, and the learned methods not always easy to apply.

Almost a decade ago, I discovered my vocation. I knew I wanted to contribute, as a coach, to help companies help their employees to give their best. For the benefit of their own business but also – and most importantly – for their contributors, the ones who can either thrive or take away the whole company energy with them depending on whether they feel valued or not.

Sensitive Leadership – The Gentle Power

I see leadership as not only a skill to teach managers, but something that should be taught to everyone. I have the conviction that leadership skills are competencies that you can acquire to first lead your own life – with humanity, responsibility, power, and boldness. And, only then, be able to inspire others to thrive as you do.

Sensitivity is a big part of my mission. I discovered my own high sensitivity when I was already quite far along on my journey. I realized that this trait’s most amazing advantage was the “non-conventional” thinking process.

And that helped me to make a link. A link between my inner qualities as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and the recurring pain I was hearing from employees in companies. I understood that the best attributes of my personality trait were the ones missing most in today’s leaders: sharp observation, self-reflection, empathy, openness, intuition, a problem solving-mindset, and self-responsibility.

HSPs or not, everyone who wants to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others will benefit from my methods. These methods were not only built on my field knowledges as a former leader of a large organization, who was well-trained on valuable traditional management tools. On top of this, I added my touch, with some not-so-conventional techniques, such as energy management, “impossible goals” methods, modern communication tools, intuition enhancement through meditation, and the coach & entrepreneur mindset approach. I intensively learned and applied these fantastic tools in my journey to become and practice as a coach.

I am thrilled to be able to share everything I know with you in my programs.

I can’t wait to discuss this further with you.

Mélanie Thuillard

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