Free yourself from others’ opinions
Free yourself from your worries, your fears
Free yourself from stress
Free your relationships
Free yourself from a hyper focused mind

Imagine…living free in your private life and as a professional. You are an employee, a business owner, or an entrepreneur.

It’s possible!

Welcome! I will tell you everything to make all this a reality.

With my clients: managers, individual contributors, entrepreneurs, employees in professional transition and companies, we work on the three main axes to develop conscious and sustainable leadership that supports:

Learn how to understand yourself, how your brain works and acquire techniques to manage your emotions on a daily basis and under stress. Learn to regain your confidence, open your mind. In a nutshell: develop your emotional intelligence for more serenity, and freedom in your choices and in your relationships.
Define your professional role as well as the different roles in your life. Learn your limits, how to be more decisive, and say goodbye to procrastination and indecision. In a nutshell: develop your level of individual responsibility to live more intensely, with more intention and, above all, define and achieve your goals with ease.
Learn to communicate more effectively in order to understand and get what you want. Understand how to feel useful without letting yourself become overwhelmed, understanding the point of view of the other, increasing your tolerance. In a nutshell: develop your relational intelligence to say goodbye to power wars and frustrations. Learn how to feel at home in your relationships, make them bloom, heal them, or let them go for more serenity and fulfilment.


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Mélanie Thuillard
Lausanne – Switzerland

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You have your own business, you know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, yet you feel that you could be more fulfilled, less worried, less stressed, and do more of what makes you tick. In short, you are tired of “playing small” and you feel that if you released certain fears, softened certain principles, if you had more clarity and dared more, you could find the joy of your passion again…

Why should you go on this journey with me ?

I am a very creative and excellent problem solver. With my ability to observe and make crucial links, I am able to coach you no matter what your profession. Because you are the specialist in your field and my specialty is how people function and interact.

But that’s not all. Running a business, I had, like you, my moments of genius and my challenges! Like you, I persevered, I had to make decisions, I had to be courageous.

What I bring you is my philosophy that entrepreneurship must be at the service of the human and his fulfilment. My role is to help you free yourself from whatever is blocking your creativity, your new projects, your fulfilment – whether it is your conscious or subconscious fears, your limits of your beliefs, or your relationships. My clients end our collaboration with more freedom: freedom to be oneself, to devote oneself to what makes them vibrate, to live more joy, to be fully fulfilled.

And you, are you ready? See “how to work with me” or more “about me

On paper, there would be nothing to complain about (besides, you do not complain). Despite everything, you still feel lost, stuck, and you have forgotten your meaning. You have trouble getting clarity about your future. You know you need a change, but you don’t know how to make it. You only know that you are being held back by external fears and are ready to free yourself from them…

Why should you go on this journey with me ?

Because I was you once! I remember my distress at the impossibility of finding the clarity that I lacked. I remember having to make difficult decisions, again and again.

Twelve years ago, I completely changed my private life by leaving a long relationship that seemed perfect on paper, but no longer fed me. I did this by changing my environment, my city, my circle of friends. By completely changing my perspective on life, I discovered myself.

Two years ago, it was my professional stability to which I said goodbye, and created, from nothing, something outside the “traditional” framework. My own coaching business. I do not judge any life choice and I help those who need to open their minds to discover what drives them, what they want – and also what they no longer want to make a new life possible.

And you, are you ready? See “how to work with me” or more “about me

You are an employee

Whether you are a manager or an individual contributor, you feel that your work takes more energy than it should. You would like to grow personally in a job that suits you, that respects your personality and your values, but you struggle to find the meaning, joy, and serenity you seek. Maybe you think it’s impossible to have everything. By working on your personal leadership skills and developing your emotional and relational intelligence, your “9-to-5” could become a pleasure!

You are a company

Your employees are already trained in all kinds of techniques and methods to lead their teams, communicate with ease, and make effective decisions. However, the same problems seem to continuously emerge: chronic demotivation, conflicts, misunderstanding, delays in projects, extensive time devoted to reassuring your staff…You have reached the limit of what strategies and concepts can bring and you want to tackle the source of the problem in order to finally move to a deeper level of working as a team…

Why should you go on this journey with me ?

In addition to my experience as an internal leadership coach and soft-skills trainer in my former company, I am an exceptional observer, with a tireless curiosity about humans. I know how to popularize the most complex concepts and make the necessary links with “real life.”

All the knowledge I share is the fruit of my personal and professional experiences (my successes as well as my failures!) With my pragmatic and results-oriented mind, it takes me little time to understand and unravel the root of recurring problems in business, especially those concerning human functioning.

With my humour and accessibility, I am not afraid to speak with professionalism and authenticity about subjects that are generally taboo. This is especially true with anything related to emotional intelligence – a key aspect in of all my support.

And you, are you ready to open yourself to other perspectives to achieve better results? Are you looking for foolproof emotional management, better relationships and flawless commitment from yourself and others? 

If you said “yes,” let’s get started! See “how to work with me” or more “about me

My Services

Coaching 1:1

Embarking on a 1:1 coaching experience with me is like getting a ticket for an extraordinary adventure to meet yourself! In my world, developing your leadership to live the life and job of your dreams involves strengthening your emotional intelligence as well as your level of commitment and your relational intelligence.

For what results?
Knowing how to recognize and manage your emotions brings confidence and serenity. Questioning your beliefs, changing the filters with which you see the world and strengthening your mindset allows you to embrace your professional life with more joy and desire. But that’s not it! Increasing your ability to commit and take responsibility brings a serene vision of the future, makes you more decisive, and allows you to clarify your different roles, limits, and standards so external events no longer dictate your life.

Developing your relational intelligence is to make the choice of tolerance, open-mindedness, and self-questioning. This exciting work not only allows you to communicate with more impact but also helps eliminate conflicts, drastically reduce frustration, have more fulfilling relationships, and get what you want more often.

The details:

My 1:1 coaching packages are tailor-made to bring you the greatest possible value.

  After a no-obligation preliminary discussion, you can commit to a 1, 3 or 6 month package with one 60-minute session per week or every two weeks. The sessions take place on Zoom or Teams.

The duration of each session is one hour.

An online chat will be made available to you Monday to Friday if you need immediate help between sessions. In order to obtain the best possible results, you will have actions and homework to complete between each session.

Resources such as videos or personality tests will be offered throughout to help you move forward according to your needs.

Group offers for companies

Leadership training, workshops, conferences, Mastermind… For companies, I offer tailor-made solutions that best meet your needs and objectives.
Contact me to discuss!

Mélanie Thuillard

Founder of myIdentity Coaching
ICF Certified Coach
Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach
Certified in Cognitive Neuroscience (CNC)
20 years of experience in multinationals
Leadership Trainer

Specialized in Emotional Intelligence
Multi-potential – Hyper-creative – Non-judgmental and non-conformist – Super dynamic  – Endowed with a lot of humour Honest – Eternal optimist

I have two great passions: humans & understanding how it all works

The marriage of these two passions has made me a fulfilled coach. After 20 years of living my best life leading projects and teams in multinational companies, feeding on my observations and understandings, embracing multiculturalism, learning from my successes and failures, my thirst for freedom and learning outside this established framework led me to start my own coaching company.

myIdentity Coaching was born in 2020. Since then, I have had the chance to attract exceptional clients: business leaders, solo-preneurs, people in career transition, and employees in need of finding fulfilment in their work. I have helped people on the verge of exhaustion find their way, launch their projects, rediscover their motivation, see their life from another perspective, and find clarity to improve their relationships with themselves and those around them.

Thanks to my great empathy and sensitivity (and pragmatic style), I connect quickly and deeply with my clients. We don’t get bored – we even have fun! It goes fast and further than they could have imagined.

I apply to my life what I advocate in my profession: great tolerance, non-judgment, generosity, kindness, respect, authenticity and open-mindedness.   

What am I looking for in my life and what am I helping my clients achieve? The greatest freedom! And I know it’s as possible for you as it is for me.

I live happily in my hometown of Lausanne, Switzerland with my partner and our 6-year-old daughter.

I look forward to hearing more about you.

Contact me!

Mélanie Thuillard
Lausanne – Switzerland

Tel: +41 79 656 41 65
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