Go Get That Promotion! (Or Something Better)

I was so upset. Not only was I promised a promotion which never came, a new job was offered to me that I did not want. Even for all the money in the world.

Eventually, I dried my tears. I ended up feeling ok with the new job but thought, “Enough is enough, I want this promotion anyway. Now. Soon. Well, as soon as possible.”

There I was, full of anger, more determined than I had ever been. I deserved it! All my colleagues, my friends, all of them agreed with me. Proof that I was right! And proof that they were wrong.

Then, life offered me the chance to get some coaching on this matter, exactly when I needed it. It was during my coaching certification, with the help of my very experienced teacher – in front of 20 other students – that I stood up and affirmed: “I want a promotion.”

Fourteen minutes. It took me fourteen minutes to realize how to do it. I designed a perfect plan: I was going to get that promotion, and even sooner than expected! If you still need proof that coaching is powerful, here it is! But then…

Seven minutes later. It took me seven more minutes to start to cry and realize that a promotion would not get me out of my situation. Well, coaching can really be a b**ch sometimes.

Because I finally admitted that my desire was somewhere else. Uh-oh. I was, in fact, wrong. I understood this extra money would not lead me to where I wanted to go. And at that exact moment, I finally got it: I would never have enough of what I do not deeply desire.

After this session, I had two choices and one decision to make. I could probably still have both (go for the promotion and just postpone my real goals for some time). Or. Or, I could choose to follow my intuition. The voice that spoke to me told me to put all my energy where my heart was. A place where anger, resentment, and my ego had no chance to survive.

I decided to follow my heart.

I have this strong belief that what we truly desire comes to us, sooner or later. Looking back, I can state that this is not only a belief I hold, but how life has always unfolded for me.

I’m pretty sure I would have gotten the promotion, a couple of months after, if I had asked for it. If that was what I truly desired. If it would have made me who I wanted to be. Because all the wishes that take birth in that time and place end up coming true.

I chose the long path. I didn’t know how exhausting the journey would be. I didn’t know that my will would be tested so much by all kinds of external factors.

I didn’t know I would want to give up sometimes, out of impatience, out of despair, when doubting myself.

It took me more than a year before I could eventually say goodbye and start my coaching company. And looking back, it could not have been a more perfect journey.

What made me take the other path was understanding that I hold the power over my own life, and not anyone else. At any time, I can take this power back, no matter the circumstances, no matter the doubts, no matter the fears.

My power is the way I lead myself, the way I lead my life.
My power resides in accepting when I am wrong.
My power resides in my will to follow my intuition, my heart.
My power is having no excuse and taking responsibility for myself.

This is the Gentle Power.

And you. What do you want? A promotion? To be heard? To do more of what you like and are good at? A new job? To work for another company? To take a sabbatical? To work less? To finally pursue your life-long dream? No matter the circumstances. No matter the doubts. No matter the fears. Following what we really desire while developing and wisely using our Gentle Power, will get us there.

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